Smoking Shields New Jersey “Back the Business”

Whiskey with ice and cigar. Top view with copy space

This year’s fundraiser is to support small cigar businesses locally to New Jersey. Furthermore portion of our proceeds will also benefit families of first responders and military members who were lost on September 11, 2001 as we remember and never forgetting September 11, 2001.  As part of our mission we are to help those who help us. Since the birth of our chapter we are forever grateful for multiple cigar lounges across the great state of New Jersey. The owners and managers of these shops have opened their doors to us and supported us in our first 4 years of operation. 

Therefore in their most desire times (covid -19) we want to show our support. This year guests will enjoy meeting some of New Jersey cigar owners and managers.

Each guest will receive a Smoking Shields Bag and Land-yard. Land-yard will have a number corresponding with cigar shop locating inside the venue. Each guest will receive one (1) cigar from the corresponding table upto 8 cigars in total. If you are a table purchaser you will recieve a bonus exclusive cigar box for your table on top of the cigars 

Smoking Shields NJ looks forward to having our cigar shops and guests attend this years dinner. 

Price Includes Cigars, dinner and drinks

This is a Cigar Smoking Event. No Non-Smoking tickets will be sold!