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Rules and By Laws


Smoking Shields, NJ is comprised of professionals from Law Enforcement/Military from all levels of government with an overall purpose of promoting social, charitable and education activities amongst public safety and the local community.

Members who are accepted into this club will be integral in promoting an appreciation of the cigar culture as well as showing their support for law enforcement.

Members will abide by the basic rules as listed below:

  • Members will enjoy premium cigars with their fellow brothers and sisters.
  • Members will ALWAYS act in a respectful manner knowing that their actions will reflect upon the overall view of the club and the law enforcement/Military professions they serve.
  • Members will always respect the political and religious views of your fellow cigar smokers.
  • Members will act in accordance to the house rules of the establishments that the club visits, as we are guests in their business.
  • Members will refrain from insulting cigar reps, shops and/or members over their cigar selection.
  • Members will not ask for free stuff from shops and/or cigar companies.

Full Members include all sworn active and retired Law Enforcement Officers, or Active/ Retired Military.

Upon being accepted, if you have supplied us with your Facebook user name, we will invite you to the club’s members only Facebook page so you can keep up with meetings, events as well as to interact with other club members.

Payment for the clubs yearly dues will be $60.00 due upon signing this agreement, or $80 for associate members

By submitting payment I hereby, affirm that I am a sworn or retired Law Enforcement officer, with powers of arrest in the State of New Jersey, as described in the NJ Criminal Procedure Law, OR an active/retired member of our countries Military OR an active/retired Career Firefighter OR have been invited to be an associate member by a current Smoking Shields Member.